Elf Hair

Hair-7087Really, this is elf hair with a tiara.  Though the children have not read Tolkien yet (on their own anyway), they have seen the movies.  The little Princess wants to be an Elf.

This is such an easy hair style, and very elvish.  Four braids starting from the forehead, I start with the french braid style so that the hair lays flat against the head.  After 2 or 3 inches, I switch to just a straight braid.  Finish off all four braids (I usually leave long tails as my daughter has VERY long hair)  Once the braids are done, I place the head band style tiara, so that it fits the head and hair.  Then take the top two braids and join them high where they sit comfortably.  Brush out remaining braid below elastic,  take bottom braids and join at the back of the head with the tail of the top two braids and again brush out braid below the elastic.  Very easy and so pretty.
Hair-7088 Ribbons are part of the tiara.Hair-7089


She loves her hair.

New Family Member

About a year ago, the kids asked if we could get a kitten.  I, Mum, was reluctant.  Mark and I talked about it, off and on.  Then a neighbour was going away for the weekend, and needed someone to watch her cats.  I volunteered our oldest, the Science Wonder.  He did wonderful.  We talked some more, but decided to wait until summer camps were over, so we had time to dedicate to our kitten.

The kids and I did start spending more time at the local Humane Society.  Fell in love with one kitten, Nutmeg, back in May, he was adorable, of course, he was adopted with in the week.

With the local Humane Society only getting a few kittens at a time, most of them adopted out in a few days, we decided that part of our summer trip would be to check out shelters in Southern Ontario.

A lot of cat rescues place their cats in pet stores.  This is great, but they all had a lot of rules we could not follow as out of town adopters (home visits, etc.).  They we went to the Toronto Humane Society.  They had tonnes of kittens and twice as many cats.

The first kitten that we fell in love with was Captain Fuzz.  One problem, due to health issues he was foster only.  This allows the Humane Society to remain responsible for vet care, yet kitty gets to live in a home.  We live too far from Toronto, and this particular kitten was not expected to live very long.

We looked at many kittens, some were adopted before our turn.  Science Wonder took a liking to Macaroon.  A mostly black kitten that was trying his hardest to play with the kitten about him.  This included climbing his cage.


When it was finally our turn to speak with an adoption specialist, we looked at a few kittens, starting with Macaroon.  He was cuddly and purry, but a little scared.  After meeting all the kittens, the kids were in love with Macaroon.

Then the full story, Macaroon was feral and under socialized, mom is FIV positive, and he was just recovering from a upper respiratory infection.  All of this, with him being mostly black, made him ‘under adoptable’.  Basically all this poor thing had going for him was that he is a kitten and he is energetic.  We decided he was what we wanted.


Since we were staying in a hotel for another night, we left him in the shelter to be picked up the next day.  We all decided that Macaroon did not suit him, so we started to brain storm.  Didn’t take us long to get to Doctor Who names, I had almost convinced the kids to name him Rory; when Mark say “we should name him Stormageddon”.  He was joking, and the kids loved it!

Mostly, we call him Stormy.stormy-7514


We survived the drive home, with a scared kitten, he stopped crying after about 1/2 an hour.

He spent two days in our room to get him used to not living in a cage.  At first he would only come out to play with his mouse.  Then to attack the blanket monsters.  Soon there was not enough room to exercise this energetic little cat, so we let him into the rest of the house (excluding basement).

The first day was spent hiding in the front closet.  Then behind the couch.  He would run and hide every time some one moved, stood up, sat down, left the room, entered the room.  You get the idea.

It has been a slow process, with lots of play therapy.  Now, a month later, he seems to be, one of the family.

Here we are!

We decided a  while ago to turn this site into a family blog, you can tell how long that has taken us!  Any way, we are a military family.  Kristen is Mum, a homemaker, mother and part time photographer.  Mark is Dad, a technician in the air force and geek dad.  The Science Wonder is 12, triathlete, geek, scientist and martial artist.  The little princess is 10, ballerina, book worm, singer and fashionista.  Hopefully, we will all be sharing our stories here, mostly it with be me, Mum, at first anyway 🙂