Elf Hair

Hair-7087Really, this is elf hair with a tiara.  Though the children have not read Tolkien yet (on their own anyway), they have seen the movies.  The little Princess wants to be an Elf.

This is such an easy hair style, and very elvish.  Four braids starting from the forehead, I start with the french braid style so that the hair lays flat against the head.  After 2 or 3 inches, I switch to just a straight braid.  Finish off all four braids (I usually leave long tails as my daughter has VERY long hair)  Once the braids are done, I place the head band style tiara, so that it fits the head and hair.  Then take the top two braids and join them high where they sit comfortably.  Brush out remaining braid below elastic,  take bottom braids and join at the back of the head with the tail of the top two braids and again brush out braid below the elastic.  Very easy and so pretty.
Hair-7088 Ribbons are part of the tiara.Hair-7089


She loves her hair.